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Dermoskinhealth is a unique information site that deals with the challenges that most skin disorder sufferers are faced with and offers natural remedies. This unique formulation is manufactured for the treatment of dermatological ailments derived from the Oil of harvested crocodiles commercially farmed under CITES rules and regulations. If you have tried many different solutions and or products, over the counter or prescription and only seen limited or short term results you need not give up on finding a remedy that is natural and free of drugs. Please try us once and we know you will be satisfied.

Take a tour of our website to identify your skin disorder, view the videos, look at before and after pictures, read the testimonials from our clients who have used our products for the treatment of severe cases of excema in infants, kids and adults as well as psoriasis, solar keratosis, rozecea, athletes foot.

Tim Before Tim After

Tim applied the Soothing Balm straight after his injury and just see what happend 24 Hours later.

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Anti-Wrinkle Natural Remedy
Anti-Wrinkle Balm a Natural Remedy
application and storage instructions
application and storage instructions for soothing balm
Athletes Foot using natural remedies
Natural remedy for Athletes Foot using Crocodile Oil
Cat skin disorders
Does your Cat suffer from the following skin disorders?
Crocodile Oil
Crocodile Oil
Dog skin ailments the natural remedy
Does your Dog scratch, lick or bite itself?, then you have a pet with a skin problem. Skin problems do not disappear so do not ignore itl
Horse skin ailments using natural skin remedies
Horse equine formula spray has a instant relief to horses suffering from a number of ailments
Natural Cures
links to useful websites with natural cures
Natural Lip Balm
Natural Lip Balm a natural remedy made from Crocodile Oil
natural skin remedy for psoriasis
Natural skin remedy to releive the systoms of all types of psoriasis
Natural soap
"Natural soap made from Crocodile oil and other natural ingredients for a health skin.
remedies to relieve eczema the natural way
Crocodile Oil is a natural skin remedy than can relieve atopic dermatitis, eczema, xerotic and itch relief
Repcillin is sold in the USA under licence to Nile River Products
Rosacea Natural Remdies
A Natural Remedy for Rosacea using Crocodile Oil
Scientific Publications
Scientific Publications Alligator Blood Serum
skin moisturizer
The best skin moisturizer
Solar Keratosis natural remedy
A natural remedy for Solar Keratosis with crocodile oil
Sunburn relief natural remedies
Sunburn relief spray is the ideal application to assist in the reduction of pain, contribute to reduced blistering and less peeling.
Dermoskinhealth Terms and Conditions
Testimonials from people that have found a alternative natural relief
testimonials from people that found a alternative natural relief
Watch these videos Seeing is Believing
Watch these videos Seeing is Believing